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FAQs for Colleges & Institutions with In-House Counselors

FAQs for Colleges & Institutions with In-House Counselors

FAQs for Businesses

FAQs for Clinicians

General FAQs

How do I know that message-based therapy will be effective?

Our product is built on research demonstrating that message-based intervention is effective. In fact, in a recent study involving patients with serious mental illness, over 90% of participants reported satisfaction with messaging-enhanced treatment, and recovery was significantly greater for those who engaged with message-based treatment (Ben-Zeev et al., 2020). Over 35 studies have reinforced this evidence through more than a decade of research (Berrouiguet et al., 2016).

Will my school be able to implement Trusst effectively?

Whether your school has clinicians who’d like to provide care through Trusst, or you’d simply like to work with our specially trained clinicians, implementing Trusst is simple—the whole process can take place in under two weeks. Our team provides comprehensive webinar and in-person introductions to the platform for all new clinicians, and we’ll help you introduce Trusst to your campus community. From here, our user-friendly platform and video tutorials make it easy for students to start receiving care.

What if tech doesn’t integrate with how we care for students?

Students today are native to texting, and it is often their preferred form of communication. Even though this may be a new way of doing things for clinicians, Trusst makes it easy to adapt to these student needs. Given the near universal popularity of texting services, message-based therapy helps make treatment more accessible for those who might not otherwise receive care due to socioeconomic, cultural, or logistical barriers (Fjeldsoe, Marshall, & Miller, 2009; Langarizadeh et al., 2017).

Privacy? Security? Compliance? Data?

Trusst takes security very seriously. Given the confidential nature of our records, we have set strict security protocols. We adhere to HIPAA guidelines which include logging access to our database, encryption at rest in the database, and encryption in transit. All data is encoded in the database using 256-bit encryption, no messages are stored locally on the phone, and users are given the option of including a pass code to open the app. Neither staff, nor developers read messages without the written consent of a clinician and user.

Does Trusst therapy work for a range of issues?

Message-based therapy is linked to symptom remission and treatment satisfaction for both depression and anxiety (Hull & Mahan, 2017). Additionally, over 35 studies have shown that message-based therapy improves symptoms of PTSD, schizophrenia and substance use (Berrouiguet et al., 2016). The platform can be used to augment existing in-person or virtual therapy, or act on its own. It is important to reiterate, however, that Trusst is not not an emergency service. To best support Trusst clients in emergency situations, the app has built-in access to the Crisis Text Line.

How much will Trusst cost?

Trusst is committed to supporting your students and clinicians with our flexible, effective, and evidence-based platform at a price that works for your school. Trust can be licensed to your college for use by your counselors, or counselors can be provided through the Trussted Clinician Network - both at low monthly fees per student. Our team will be happy to help fit Trusst into your budget, and we'll do it at a fraction of the cost of other comparable high-quality mental health solutions.

What about technical issues?

Seamless technical experience is the backbone of our product. You and your team can access technical support through a variety of venues. Email us any time at or contact us directly through your Trusst interface. We have an experienced customer support and technical team ready and excited to assist you.

What if there is too much interest in Trusst and we can't manage it?

Our team at Trusst monitors and manages both client and clinician activity. You can rest easy knowing that Trusst will handle any challenges that arise and keep you updated on important developments. If any clinician feels that they are reaching capacity with clients, we can temporarily hide their profile on the app so that their caseload is reduced and they are not accepting new clients. Trusst also has a comprehensive set of resources available to help you manage your engagement with us. And, of course, our support team is always here to help:

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