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What is Trusst?

Trusst is a secure messaging-only platform that connects you with a licensed therapist in your community. Message anytime of day, Monday-Friday, and receive a response within 24 hours.

How are therapists selected for the platform?

We work within referral networks to identify the most highly-respected local therapists. We only partner with therapists who have at least three years of private practice experience (post supervision) and are willing to participate in an introductory training.

Are Trusst therapists licensed?

Yes, all Trusst therapists are licensed and have a minimum of three years of private practice experience.

How much does Trusst cost?

Therapy through Trusst is based on a subscription model and costs $55/week or $199/month. You sign up and pay through the app.

Is online therapy effective?

While research is ongoing, numerous studies have already established that mobile technology (such as remote messaging platforms) can effectively help individuals facing common mental health conditions - such as depression, anxiety, stress, substance use, and post traumatic stress disorder, among others - live happier, healthier, and more balanced lives.

How am I matched with a therapist?

There are a couple of ways you are matched with a therapist. Referral sources, like physicians, can provide you with a therapist name. You can use the website to search for therapists by location, treatment method, or specialty, before connecting through the app. Your therapist must be licensed in the state where you reside.

How do I communicate with my therapist?

All communication through the Trusst app is done via text message.

Can I see my therapist in an office, too?

Absolutely. How and when you meet is up to you and your therapist. Any sessions conducted in-office are not part of Trusst, though, and will be billed in accordance with your therapist’s billing practices.

Can I switch therapists?

Yes, just submit a support request and we will help you match with a new therapist.

What happens if my subscription expires and I want to return to the app. Can I connect with the same therapist?

If your previous therapist has space available you can connect with them and continue where you left off.

Will insurance cover my Trusst subscription? Or, will insurance reimburse me?

Generally, a Trusst subscription is not covered by insurance companies. You can certainly see if your insurance will provide reimbursement for remote therapy.

How is my privacy protected?

The Trusst application is HIPAA-compliant and completely confidential. All of your data is encrypted while at rest and in transit.

Can I set up real time meetings by phone or video?

No, the Trusst platform only supports text message communication. If you want to use video or phone, that would be separate from Trusst and must be arranged directly with your therapist.

Can I access conversations with my therapist?

Yes! All documentation, including your therapist’s notes, will be saved on the platform. Both you and your therapist can log in to secure accounts to see previous text communication.

How can I establish a relationship through messaging only?

All of our therapists care deeply about your mental health concerns. Through writing, their questions and suggestions will guide you toward self-discovery. Messaging communication is an immediate and accessible way to receive regular support from a licensed professional.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription through the Trusst app.

What are the benefits of an asynchronous communication model?

We understand that people lead busy personal and professional lives. Asynchronous messaging allows for optimal flexibility and availability for both clients and therapists. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding the “right” time to have that important conversation. With asynchronous communication, you send messages whenever you want. And your therapist responds in the same fashion, but always within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. We think it’s the most natural way to chat.

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