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Accessible. Affordable. Accredited.

Get the support you need quickly and easily.

Use Trusst to message your therapist as often as you choose, Monday – Friday and receive a response within 24 hours.
Your conversations are always available on the app.

Find Trusst in the iOS or Android app stores.

It’s free to download. You’ll be asked to set a password to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

Select your state and choose your therapist.

Every provider available on Trusst has been carefully selected and verified to deliver the services and specialties listed.

Complete your profile and get started.

Answer a few questions about the type of help you’re looking for, whether it’s for you or a loved one. Choose your payment plan and use a credit or debit card on our secure payment page. Cancel at any time.

Referred, qualified and uniquely trained.

Trusst starts by seeking out the therapy providers most referred and trusted by health professionals in your area. Next, we thoroughly verify their qualifications and credentials to ensure that they are professionally suited to deliver expert-level care. But we don’t stop there. Every therapist on Trusst has also undergone our exclusive training in delivering remote therapy.

Fast access to top therapists makes Trusst the right choice.

Finding reputable, trustworthy care can be challenging enough. Having to then wait weeks or months for an appointment simply adds to your stress. With Trusst, you gain access to experts who are available to start working with you almost immediately. Now, in addition to having the confidence that you are selecting a provider who has been qualified by health experts in your area, you can skip the scheduling conflicts and move forward with your care without delay.

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Affordability that goes beyond pricing.

Often, when someone says “I really can’t afford to get help right now,” it’s as much about the time and effort required to find a reputable provider, schedule care, and travel to and from appointments as it is the hourly expense. Trusst eliminates these barriers to getting the help you deserve with convenient care you can manage on your schedule and budget, from just about anywhere. Choose weekly or monthly billing, with the option to cancel at any time. Access your care from home, work, school, while traveling or wherever it fits best in your busy life.

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